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PT. Bina Karya Prima ( BKP) Indonesia

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PT. Bina Karya Prima ( BKP) Indonesia
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PT. Bina Karya Prima ( BKP) Indonesia

PT. BKP is one of the most prestigious integrated palm oil companies in Indonesia.
We produce two big categories products: Food and Non-food categories. We are proud and confident on our valuable products.

PT. BKP has started the business since 1981 and all along the time have proven to be committed, serious with our performance to be acknowledged as one of the solid palm oil business integrated company in Indonesia.

We believe that success must be preserved through commitment, responsibility and relentless effort from ourselves to be known as one of the leaders and the most innovative in the business. This consequently resulted in excellent relationship with all the stakeholders.
Consistency in high quality products is our commitment.
To fulfill that commitment, PT. BKP has facilitated itself with modern manufacturing facilities, which are continuously improved.
PT. BKP always maintains the perfection of their products through excellent quality control and assurance.

Our research and development department is supported by professional team with outstanding experience and expertise in the business and technical analysis.
This combination has invented :
- The first double fractionated system for cooking oil, containing the highest unsaturated fat.
- The first standing oil pouch refill for cooking oil

Careful selections of raw materials and continuous evaluations of each stage process result in high quality final products.
The ensure PT. BKP to guarantee its customers by fulfilling their needs of good quality.

In the international market, we offer exclusive service to the business partners and customers all over the world.
It has expanded the network to worldwide countries.

History of successful long-term partnership with customers has proven.
Trust and reliability erased any doubts for the partners to increase their marketing investments.

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